During my career as a manager in the bio-medical field, I always played in rock-bands during leisure. Music was and is a real passion.

My general approach is: Science, Innovation, Handwork and Art. The main point is to listen to the musicians' wishes and experienced feedback.

We founded :bian because we wanted to explore how far we can go with the planning and production of tailor made instruments. Subtle changes, can change your life on stage.

What are these subtle changes?


How do you get the relevant information to build the optimal guitar for you?

When talking to musicians - sometimes you have to read "in between the lines". Finish is one of those topics: Do you work hard on stage (sweaty fingers etc...) ? Maybe polyurethane finish is suited for your guitar. Do you play subtle, romantic, athmospheric low-tempo music - but you want to be sure, that your instrument has a certain "shine" - try shellac finish! Do you prefer natural finish? Oil is the solution.


You can tell us, what pickups you want for your guitar, if you have a favourite brand or type. W are producing our own pickups as well. They are adjusted to the needs of the musician and fitted to the tonality of the wood composition and natural sound of the instrument. I encourage to discuss your expectations with me! Singlecoils? Humbuckers? p90 sytle singlecoils? Windings? Output? Resonance curve? Talk to us!


Last but not least: the wood makes the tone! I carefully choose every piece of alder, mahogany, wenge, maple etc...

the tone, the feel and the look are all important. Of note: We avoid to use CITES protected woods. There is always an alternative to endangered wood species.



If you want to know more about :bian guitars and us - contact us - let's have a chat. There is always time for a friend - no matter how much you have to do!

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