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:bian guitars

electric guitar manufacturer

Our Place

4 Dorfblickstrasse
, AG 4665


Tel. +41 79 894 9880


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: call us! we might be travelling ;-)


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  • How do I order my custom instrument?
    Contact us! Most people write us an email with a wish-list of materials and specifications. We will then contact you with a plan and some drawings. This will cost you nothing! Once we agree on the nature of the instrument we will calculate the price. Once you transferred 50% of the amount we will start building the instrument and we will keep a photo-blog on the proceedings. You will see your new guitar growing. Once finished, upon receipt of the remainder 50%, we send you your guitar.
  • How much will :bian charge for my instrument?
    Before starting building your instrument we will contact you via email with the final price for your guitar. Once you agree we will start building it. For relatively simple instruments we charge CHF 2'500. Complex custom build guitars will be more expensive
  • How is the payment procedure?
    For stock instruments you pay the full amount in advance. For custom build instruments you pay 50% in advance. Before sending you the finished instrument you will then have to pay the remaining 50%. Credit card is accepted.
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