Starting from a piece of wood - creating an instrument that not only fulfills your sound expectations but also makes you happy everytime you see it.

It all started in when we first built 3 guitars and 3 basses in 4 months. These instruments were the beginning of a journey, which is full of learnings and beautiful satisfactions. The first tone of a new instrument is a touching moment.

:bian is an invented name and has no  real meaning. For us it stands for beautiful rocksongs and art.


We are two persons that love natural materials, design, modern art and music. Finally this all distilles in the art of making instruments. We combine traditional instrument making techniques with inputs and innovations from long and interesting discussions with musicians. Tradition and innovation can go hand by hand.

We value the sound of instruments with glued in necks. We also like the "different" attac of guitars with bold on necks. We fix them with a true bold-on technique using embedded metal threads for metal screws. Visit our blog for more technical solutions and discussions.

Last but not least: Call us, write us - use our blog or get in touch in some way. Our aim is to build your intrument.

Carmen und Giuseppe Begutachter SW.jpg

Builder, Planner, Owner

My general approach is: Science, Innovation, Handwork and Art.

The main point is to listen to the musicians' wishes.

Carmen Cleve

Designer, Planner

For me, the look of an instrument should also be the reason why you love to play it.