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project title: autumn

solid body. vintage pickups.

contact us for information, customization and price.

Body: Swamp Ash (one piece)

Top: Curly Maple (solid)

Fretboard: Birds Eye Maple

Neck: Birds Eye Maple (roasted)

Frets: Medium Jumbo Nickel

Tuners: Gotoh locking

Wiring: 1 Master-Volume; 1 Master-Tone

    5 way Blade Switch

Cap: 22 nF

Pickups: Bare Knuckles "Mother's Milk"

Neck: Alnico V; 5.7 kOhm

Middle: Alnico V; 5.2 kOhm RWRP

Bridge: Alnico V; 6.5 kOhm

Tremolo: ABM Vintage

Weight: 3.5 kg

Finish Body: PU

Finish Neck: Oil

Case: SKB Hardshell

Operaio-Style Guitar


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