metal screws hold our guitar necks

Updated: May 5, 2019

At :bian we use a method with inlet metal threads to fix the guitar necks of bolt on guitars.

Welcome to our first blog post. Here we will discuss how we fix the guitar necks for guitars with bolt on design.

“Did you ever need to mount and unmount the neck of your favourite guitar. You certainly saw that the wood is suffering from the constant mecanical stress”

How it began

During a jamsession with friends one of the guitar players noted that it should be possible to use inlet metal threads to fix the guitar necks (btw. he is a very experienced guitar "tuner" - he constantly assembles and re-assembles Strats).

I never forgot his statement and tried out different solutions. At the end the final design resultet to be pretty simple - I use industrial metal threads with a outer Wood thread. You can screw them into the wood with an alley key and additionnally glue them with instant glue. After that, the guitar neck can be fixed using the suitable metal screws and conical washers. Using this system makes the use of the metal plate for the screws unnecessary. The pressure is distributed evenly through the wood by using this kind of washers.

Certainly it takes a little bit of work - but this system will be very durable.

See below a couple of pictures - Looking forward to your comments !



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